New Double simulator: characteristics, description, and reviews  

Double is a gambling simulator, which has combined the classic roulette and the possibility of fast earnings. The creators of Blaze Casino released this machine to please every customer, and they succeeded. Although Double has only been around for a short time, it has become one of the iconic slots of 2024 and is hugely popular and geared toward the general public.

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Double game is a slot machine, which is a simplified version of European roulette with easy rules and easy controls. It quickly gained popularity among beginners and experienced players because of its simplicity and the ability to win a large sum even with small deposits. Run this slot machine at Blaze Casino, you'll be able to appreciate its uniqueness and possibilities and try to change your life.

Double - what is this game

The slot has a modern and simple interface that even newcomers to virtual gambling will understand instantly. From the very beginning of the game, players will be able to appreciate the mechanics and navigation, as well as the visual and sound design. The experience of using the slot will be pleasant and comfortable.

There is no unique plot - the user simply plays virtual roulette. He needs to bet on the colors that will fall out after rotating the roulette. If he guesses the right color, he will win money, otherwise, he will lose. If you lose, try again!

There are three colors:

  • One cell on the playing field, which is colored white and multiplies the player's points by 4.
  • Black - 18 pieces, multiplier x2;
  • The red color on the playing field has 18 cells, which Doubles the player's bet.

The client has the opportunity to bet not only on one type of cell but also on two at the same time, which practically provides him a win of 100%.

On the left side of the playing field, there is a betting panel, where the player can choose the type of bet and its size. The interface is simplified with "1/2" and "x2" buttons, which reduce or Double the bet respectively. The currency accepted in the simulator is euros. If the gambler has another world currency, there will be an automatic conversion at the current exchange rate.

The slot machine Double provides the possibility of using automatic bots that can make bets on the parameters set by the client. To do this, the user needs to select the desired settings in the bot, activate it and watch the game on the screen. Winnings will be automatically credited to the account in geometric progression. To activate the bot, switch to the "Auto" tab on the left side of the screen. In addition to the standard settings, this option allows you to specify the total number of bets to avoid excessive play and stop in time, especially if luck is not on the side of the user.

Double game - interface and its features

The Double game looks very stylish and attractive thanks to its classic black and gray design with bright red and white buttons, which will not let the customer get tired of the simulator even during a long game. The playing field is conventionally divided into several parts, which makes it easy to understand the interface even for a newcomer.

On the right side of the screen, there is the main field with a ribbon and a pointer, where a timer line and a caption about current events appear from time to time. In the center of the field, there is a white vertical line-pointer, which replaces the ball in the classic roulette. Just below there is a section "Previous games", where the results of past rounds are displayed.

On the left side of the screen, the user can place bets. In the lower-left corner, there is an "Expand" button, and on the right side of it there are various options such as "Help", "Sound", "History", and "Statistics". If you scroll down the screen, you can see a field with statistics of current bets. It is divided into three columns, designed for each type of cell on the tape roulette. It shows the total amount of bets and statistics for each player, indicating who and how much has been sent in the current round. The data is updated in real-time.

The main advantages of Double

The slot machine not only attracts with its minimalism and easy controls but also has several other options and parameters that make each bet more attractive and exciting. Users can immediately go on a fascinating journey through the world of gambling, where big winnings and jackpots await them. All the rules of the game are straightforward, and every beginner will be able to get the hang of it in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the key advantages of Double managed to find numerous reviews of real players about the project. The most frequently mentioned features include:

  • The presence of the guide facilitates the understanding of the basic principles of the gambling simulator and helps to understand the bets faster ❓.
  • With the help of the sections "Statistics" and "History", the client will be able to analyze the position on the field and choose the best tactics of the game 📈.
  • The game can be run via a browser, if you have an Internet connection, on any platform and operating system 💻.
  • The mobile version, suitable for use on smartphones and tablets, is optimized not only for iOS and Android operating systems but also for other platforms 📱.
  • Guaranteed big winnings thanks to a high payout percentage ⚡.
  • This is a bot that is built in and aims to help gamblers generate passive income 🤖.
  • Blaze Casino offers bonuses that increase the profitability and profitability of each bet 🎁.
  • The higher the wager and multiplier, the greater the possible winnings, as there are no payout limits 🤑.
  • Chat, provided to communicate with the support team and other users 💭.

Although this list of advantages of the slot machine is not exhaustive, already based on it you can understand that Double game deserves everyone's attention. Each round lasts no more than 15 seconds, allowing players to win large sums quickly. The results of each round depend only on the random number generator, which is regularly checked and provides equal chances of winning for all participants. The machine is protected from interference from the creators, administration, or players, which guarantees its honesty and stability. Double offer big jackpots and incredible bonuses - it's a great opportunity to try your luck now!

How to crack Double - secrets and tricks

This virtual gambling simulator presented high-quality software from a reliable developer. Even though this project is in the beta testing stage, it is licensed, safe, and quite stable. Minor glitches are possible, but Blaze's responsive support team quickly resolves them. If a deposit is lost due to program errors, it will be returned to the balance of the visitor's account as soon as possible.

The slot machine has a reliable system of protection, which prevents hacking attacks from all sides. Neither the administration Blaze nor users will not be able to change the settings of the gambling emulator in their favor. Any attempt to manipulate the virtual machine is strictly prohibited: the user is prohibited from using paid services online casinos.

Choosing the right strategy will increase the chances of success in slot machines more than any hacker program. Although victory is not guaranteed due to the use of a random number generator and the player's luck, a well-thought-out strategy will help make more profitable bets and reduce losses when losing.

With Double strategies, you can increase your income even more

Choosing an effective strategy for playing roulette Double can be difficult because each tactic has its characteristics on the playing field. In the game simulator, you can use classic schemes invented by experienced players. The most common tactics are:

  • "Martingale"🍀;
  • Fibonacci numbers 📅;
  • "1-3-2-6"♠;
  • "Anti-Martingale"🎰;
  • Labouchet 🎲;
  • D'Alamber method 💥;
  • "Paroli " 🔑;
  • "Grid"🕸;
  • upside game ⚡.

Strategies are not mandatory and are often used in gambling, especially in gambling. Each player can decide not to stick to the strategy or develop their methods of play after the start of the round.

Those gamblers who use certain tactics, as a rule, get the maximum payouts

  1. The "1-3-2-6"📊 scheme states that the player should make the first bet and then increase it by three, two, and six times respectively. This tactic is designed to minimize possible losses when losing, except for the first round. Thus, even if the player loses in subsequent rounds, the losses will be insignificant.
  2. The D'Alamber method 🕹 is a universal tactic, suitable both for players with large bankrolls and those with a small deposit. This method divides the deposit into two parts: a bet and a fixed amount. If you lose, the bet is increased by a predetermined value, and if you win, it is reduced. Using this tactic in the Double money game can lead to maximum payouts and minimum expenses. Thanks to this method, it has become very popular in card gambling.
  3. This game strategy is in great demand among newcomers and is called the upside game 📈. Its essence is that each loss leads to an increase in the bet a given number of times. However, after the first win, the player must return to the original bet. This system allows for minimizing the risks of losing the deposit, as the first win makes up for all previous losses. To avoid total loss of the bank, it is recommended to set a loss limit in advance and not succumb to the temptation of the gambling world.
  4. "Martingale" 🤑 - a tactic that was popular long before the appearance of online simulators. Its essence is to Double the rate after each loss. This method is more successful and profitable than the previous concept and is suitable for both experienced players and beginners who do not have a large bank.

The "Maximum Bet" tactic can be used by players with large deposits as well as those with smaller bankrolls 🍀. It is based on the maximization of the size of bets, which can be very high or the maximum possible for a particular slot machine. The higher the stakes, the greater the risks, but the possible winnings also increase significantly. Players using this tactic often win huge jackpots, either manually or with the help of built-in bots. Even those with a small bankroll are advised to try this tactic to feel the excitement, the risks, and the possible winnings. If luck smiles on the player, his financial investment will be justified and rewarded with generous payouts.

Reviews of real players of the game Double

Double is an iconic gambling simulator that has been receiving tremendous feedback from players since 2024. Users are happy to share their impressions and experiences with the virtual machine.

The query "Double review" provides not only guides from experienced players but also many positive reviews about the gambling game. Players claim that this virtual simulator is beneficial, as it offers stable winnings that are not limited by the system, and the marginal multiplier is x14 of the bet made. The game is easy to master, even newcomers to the world of gambling quickly enter the gamble.

Below are real testimonials from customers who have tried the Double game and shared their experiences.


This online game is awesome! It allowed me to understand that making money through slot machines is a reality, not fiction. The rules of the game are very simple and I understand them literally in a minute. Each round lasts about 20 seconds, and the size of bets is not limited - you can bet simultaneously on several colors of roulette. Very pleased with the option "Auto Play" with detailed and simple settings. Now I can just sit in front of my computer or phone and go about my business, and the deposit will grow without my involvement.


This slot machine is appealing for its simple rules and minimalistic design. I don't like a lot of bright elements that distract from the game. Here you will find a harmonious style and a real classic. Bets can be placed with just a few clicks, and you can also use the Double and reduce by half the previous bet. The slot machine provides statistics that are updated in real-time. One of the main advantages of this slot is the fast payouts, which are almost always guaranteed.


I use different strategies to play Double and they all work well. Although a lot depends on luck, I usually don't lose a lot of money. I can use any of the popular gambling schemes, but I prefer "Margintail" and "Maximum Bet". I rarely use "Maximum Bet" because I don't like to take risks, but I know it can make a big profit. If you want to learn how to make money from slot machines on the Internet, I recommend trying to play Double and using different strategies.

These reviews emphasize that the game gambling simulator is attractive for both beginners and experienced gamblers. It provides instant payouts on favorable terms if luck smiles on the player.

Try the functionality of the online simulator in Double Demo mode

The demo version of Double is not the usual test mode and has its features. It does not allow you to make bets, which distinguishes it from the classic test mode. Activating the demo mode, the player can familiarize himself with the interface, follow the statistics of bets and observe what is happening on the screen.

You can not make bets in the trial version of the gambling simulator. You can try out a slot machine only in the mode with real bets, which will be available after registration in Blaze.

Currently, the emulator is an observation of the game, not an active participant in it, as long as the authorization is on the portal Blaze. Before logging in, the customer can read the "Help", "History", "Statistics" and "Expand to full screen" sections, which will help them better understand the controls, bot, and game rules. This is a great way to prepare for the game for real money and make it easier and more accessible 🤑.

With the mobile version of Double, you can play anywhere

If you love gambling, the mobile version of Double is the perfect modern solution for you. It allows you to run game emulators wherever you are, as long as you have a stable Internet connection 🌐.

To run a mobile version, there are several options.

  • By going to the official Blaze website through your browser.
  • After downloading the application created by the company that provides online casino services, you will have access to the simulator.

The mobile version of the slot machine follows the same rules and has the same level of security as its full version. The main difference is that the interface is adapted for small displays.

How to play Double

Since most casinos Double is not available, every player should know how to connect to the virtual simulator. To do this, the following steps are required:

  1. You can sign up for Blaze Casino using your e-mail 📬 or one of the three available social networks (Twitch, Steam, Google).
  2. Find the desired device in the list of available programs on the left side of the screen and click on it.
  3. Make a bet through the navigation bar and confirm it, if you want you can set up an automatic bot for passive income.

A line appears on the screen with a timer that automatically changes rounds. You need to guess the color of the cell on the ribbon to win and add your winnings to your bankroll.

Double bonuses and promotions allow everyone to save and get more jackpots

The Double simulator does not have built-in bonuses, as simplified roulette does not provide provider extras. Instead, users can take advantage of the Blaze bonus program.

Beginners receive a welcome bonus of up to $1,000 at the casino. The administration of the virtual gambling project also offers other gifts, such as free spins, no-deposit, cashback, individual rewards, and the profile pumping system. The higher the status of the player in the portal, the more significant prizes he can get.

Blaze holds regular tournaments, sweepstakes, and various events where participants can get generous prizes, including cash certificates. In addition, players can use promo codes for additional rewards.

To participate in the Blaze bonus program, you must first wager any gift accruals you receive. Wagering conditions, such as timing, wagering, slots, and other features are set individually for each promotion and depend on the current status of the user's account. The higher the status, the more loyal the user is.

Vouchers for Double, which do not need to be wagered, are unique bonuses. They are the rarest gifts that can make the most money in betting. Join the Blaze bonus program, get your gifts, and win big cash prizes from any device now!


What is Double's payout percentage?

Single slots have an RTP of 99%, which guarantees instant payouts in a gambling simulator.

Are there any restrictions on the maximum winnings in the slot machines?

There is no limit to the payouts that are waiting for gamblers, they depend only on the size of the bet and the odds. The higher the bet, the bigger the prize when you win.

I received a voucher. What now?

To use the voucher for Double, which is part of the Blaze bonus program, you need to activate it in the player's account in the casino. To do this, you need to go to the tab "Promo Codes" and enter the appropriate code.

Do I need to download the game?

Yes, the game gambling simulator is available on any platform via a browser. The customer can also download the Blaze app to get instant access to the slot if he wants to.