How to get the most out of the slot with bonuses and promo codes in the Double game  

The world of slot machines and slots offers a wide range of options for players, who can both play in demo mode and bet real money. To make the game even more attractive to players, providers, and online casinos offer various bonuses, including additional USD for betting, free spins, fixed payments to profile balance, risk rounds, respins, and other rewards. The main purpose of these bonuses is to make the slot machine more profitable for customers, even if they only have a small bankroll. Bonuses can help players win a colossal jackpot with a minimal investment in just a few clicks.

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What bonuses does Double Game provide for customers? The variety of bonuses for visitors here is the same as in other gambling games. With these bonuses, the bets will increase and become more lucrative and exciting. It is important to understand how to use the variety of bonuses and their principles.

The plot and idea of Double - what is the game

"Double" is a new type of slot machine, which is very popular. It features simple rules, fair winnings, and an attractive appearance. Both beginners and experienced players will be happy to return to this simulator again and again, despite their experience with other similar games.

The slot machine has a simple concept - you need to guess the color of the cell that will fall in the next round. There are a total of three color options:

  • white;
  • black;
  • red.

As part of a virtual gambling simulator users can bet on one or two colors simultaneously. The final payout depends on the cell option chosen.

On the playing field, there is one white cell, which brings winnings with a coefficient of x14 and is the most profitable. In addition, there is an equal number of red and black cells on the field, which brings a win with a coefficient of 2. However, no one can predict which color will fall out, as it depends on the random number generator and is completely under its control.

Now you can take advantage of favorable conditions and benefit from the features Double

Slot machine Double attracts the attention of beginners in gambling, and experienced players with high stakes. With this gambling simulator users will receive:

  • intuitive and understandable controls 🕹;
  • It has unique mechanics, which differ from many other slot machines and slot machines.
  • The client can choose whether to leave the music in the application or turn it off and enjoy the beautiful graphics.
  • Loyal betting range;
  • If the customer guesses the color, he immediately receives a payout by the rules in force at the time.
  • If the "color of the bet" changes, the odds can increase 14 times for a single bet ✔.
  • This is a live chat room that is used to communicate with other players and to get technical support in the online casino.

This simulator supports a mobile version and a demo mode to help you understand how the slot works. There are various bonuses available in the Double game, but the most important thing is to win. Thanks to the gifts that are provided for the slot machine, players can win a lot of money with minimal financial investment. To do this, you do not have to use complicated strategies - just use the bonus features and a little luck to win in a matter of minutes!

Built Double bonuses

Double is a slot machine that regularly makes it to the top charts of the best slot machines of 2024 and is under development, but is already available to play at Blaze Casino.

The developers have not included provider bonuses, which is one of its features. Instead, they suggest that players use the "Auto Play" feature, which can be very useful.

It deals with automating on-screen processes. The customer can set up the option and activate it, after which all they have to do is watch the bank grow exponentially with each successful move. Everything else will be done automatically.

The "Auto Play" option involves specifying the following parameters:

  • The color of the cells on which bets are made;
  • The number of sections used when placing bets (one or two).
  • The specific amount is sent to the cashier in each round.
  • Number of bets (limit).

There are no other additional profitable features built in, but Blaze Casino provides players with bonuses that make each new round more interesting, exciting, and profitable.

Blaze's range of bonuses for Double

The Double game offers its visitors the opportunity to get a bonus for participating in Blaze Casino's rewards system. At the moment, the virtual gambling establishment offers many interesting promotions within the current rewards system.

  • profile rolling system 🏋️‍♂️;
  • promo codes;
  • free spins and reps;
  • extra money for betting.

The website of Blaze Casino regularly holds promotions, tournaments, and events, in which customers can participate and get gifts for online simulators. These are lucrative offers that are available to everyone, but for the incentive system to work, it is necessary to register on the portal Blaze Casino. Registration is free and takes less than 2 minutes. Immediately after the activation of the profile, the player gets access to the bonus program of the portal.

What you need to know about Double bonuses

The slot machine in question offers many gifts from Blaze, which will make bets even more profitable and large. This makes every bet more and more interesting and profitable.

For the slot in question, every player is required to remember the rules for using gifts from Blaze.

  • Gifts can be no deposit or deposit. In the first case, the reward is paid immediately after completing the conditions of the promotion, and in the second - only after replenishing the account.
  • First, all gifts are credited to the bonus account, they cannot be withdrawn from there, only used for the game.
  • The system determines the time to play the game and the specified wager. Free spins can be used only in certain slots.
  • Wagering conditions for each promotion are set individually and are often updated. It is recommended to contact Blaze's support team just before receiving the promotion to clarify the current conditions.
  • If you don't use your gift within the deadline, it will become invalid and cannot be restored in any way.
  • To upgrade your loyalty program profile, you need to play for real money.

Blaze Casino provides personal bonuses that are awarded to users for certain achievements and activities. These bonuses work the same way as the standard gifts but differ in that their rewards are set individually for each user. Usually, support managers issue such gifts in the form of personal messages that describe the terms, rewards, and other features of the reward.

With Double's promo codes, playing for money becomes even more exciting

Double often gives out promo codes as gifts that, when used, provide a unique opportunity to receive various bonuses. These codes can be obtained in several ways.

  • Individual bonus codes will be given for successful work on the service ✨.
  • For participating in Blaze casino contests, raffles, and sweepstakes.
  • Promo codes, which can be found on the official websites of online casinos or received by e-mail, are common.
  • For participating in events that are organized for users without registration, you can get bonus codes for registration.

The most popular are the standard and personal promo codes, which can be activated in a personal account on the site of the gambling entertainment portal in the appropriate section within a certain period.

If you use registration promo codes, it should be noted that the registration process will differ from the usual. It is necessary to enter the unique code obtained in a special field when creating an account. To do this, you need to click on the hyperlink "I have a bonus code" in the registration window. In most cases, such promo codes give a no-deposit bonus, which will be credited immediately after the activation of the account. However, the specific terms of the promotion and bonus combination may vary.

The most profitable promotion for the game is Double vouchers

The gaming club uses Double vouchers in addition to standard promo codes, which are similar to bonus codes, but have an important difference. They do not require wagering the payout received on the voucher.

This means that when you use a voucher, the payout you receive is equal to its face value. In addition, after activating the voucher, the user immediately receives a gift to their main account. In this case, the cash payout will not be deducted from the bet, and the funds won Double.

Obtaining vouchers is quite a challenge, as it is the rarest type of bonus. Blaze Casino can only provide this type of reward as an individual reward or for significant upgrades. In addition, Double vouchers sometimes appear on the official casino site and project.


Does Double have bonus features built-in?

There is no way to get provider bonuses on a slot machine. The only feature available is automatic bets.

What happens to the bonus if the user does not have time to win it back?

This accrual in the form of a gift is not recoverable and disappears forever.

What bonuses does Double support?

The simulator provides for the possibility of obtaining gifts from the administration of Blaze Casino for active participation in the system of rewards. In addition to tournaments and draws, vouchers, promo codes, free spins, and bonus USD are available.