Analogue Double game: similar gambling simulators with instant payouts  

Every year, the world of gambling is filled with new slots, some of which are unique, but most have similar features and are classified by theme and genre. Although each genre's slots present unique plots, the rules and controls are often the same. Creating a new genre of slot machines is currently impossible, because as soon as a unique online slot appears, competitors create their analogs, often in large numbers. In 2024 the iconic slot machine Double has become very popular due to its clear rules, easy controls, and high payouts.

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Double game belongs to the genre "roulette", which is now a classic in the world of gambling ♠. Choosing an analog of the virtual simulator is not difficult, but for this, each user should study the key features of the aforementioned slot, so as not to err in choosing.

A brief description of Double - the plot idea

Double is a modern version of roulette with simplified rules, which is ideal for beginners. Due to its simplicity, users can get the hang of the game in a few minutes.

The main idea of the virtual gambling emulator is to predict the color of the cell to which the pointer will point. Unlike conventional roulette, here you do not need to bet on anything other than the color. If the player guesses the color correctly, he wins with a fixed coefficient for each color group on the field. If he loses the round, the player has to start over.

The payout will vary depending on what color of the cell the user has chosen to bet.

  • black - x2;
  • white - x14;
  • red - 2.

The slot in question has a unique feature - the ability to bet on two colors simultaneously, which allows the customer to almost certainly get part of the prize pool.

The first acquaintance with the simulator is through the Double interface

To find an analog of Double, you need not only to know its genre and purpose but also to consider its appearance. In the world of gambling many online emulators may belong to the same genre, but have significant differences in mechanics and controls.

Double has a minimalistic classical interface, where instead of the usual roulette there is a long ribbon with cells of three colors - red, black, and white (one copy). Above the tape, there is a vertical white line, which is a pointer showing the winning color in each round. The number of red and black cells on the ribbon is distributed equally.

The game starts automatically. If the client does not have time to make a bet and confirm it, he misses his turn. In the next round, the bet will be counted.

The slot machine has an automatic mode feature, which allows users to reduce their participation in the use of the virtual gambling simulator to a minimum. To do this, go to the control menu and select the appropriate tab, where you can configure the desired parameters.

  • The amount of each bet;
  • The visitor can choose one or two colors that he considers successful.
  • The total number of bets that were made before the option was disabled.

After clicking on the "Confirm" button, the bot of the slot system becomes active and starts collecting winnings for the player. Visitor Double can go about his business, occasionally clearing his bankroll for further cash-out, or just enjoy his drinks without taking his eyes off the screen. The system automatically performs all tasks for the slot machine visitor. At any time, you can stop the bot and intervene in the process, as well as leave the slot.

Fits and chips Double

Slot machine Double did not gain popularity by accident. Unlike regular roulette, this machine attracts attention with its unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Rules that are easy to understand even for a beginner in gambling 😉.
  • Instant stable payouts 🤑;
  • The maximum winnings are not limited and depend on the initial bet and the odds 🎲.
  • The ability to turn off the music at any time.
  • Special game mechanics 💥 differs from the standard "slot machines".
  • To increase the probability of winning a large jackpot, bets on several colors simultaneously are made.
  • The game has a mobile version 📱, which has been optimized for all operating systems of smartphones and tablets. This means that whether you're using an iPhone/iPad, Android, or another OS, the game will run equally well.
  • A personally owned chat room where you can exchange messages with the rest of the players 📟.
  • Bonus offers and promo codes 🎁 improve the profitability and fun of playing for real money.

This gambling simulator does not have a classic demo version. It is possible to activate it to view the gameplay, but you cannot try to play it on a demo account.

To start playing the slot machine under discussion, you need to go to the website Blaze Casino. This simulator is unique and is in development, but even now you can win huge money with just a few mouse clicks!

What game to choose for a user similar to Double?

Among gamblers, roulette is one of the most popular genres of slot machines. Modern online casinos offer a huge selection of simulators in this category in their portals. Below are a few of the most common machines.

  1. Belatra presents Lucky Roulette - a classic roulette with quick payouts. Users can use the full demo mode and automatic player (bot).
  2. Playson's slot game "Roulette with Track High" has won the hearts of many users with its stunning graphics and high payouts.
  3. Evoplay has released American Roulette 3D, a classic 3D version of American Roulette. Players can choose from three different camera settings on the table. However, this game does not support the "Auto Play" feature.
  4. The Roulette game from Gameart has simple graphics, but the winning odds are up to x35. A nice bonus is the partial translation of the interface into Russian.

This is just the beginning, users have the opportunity to visit any online casino, use filters by the roulette genre and choose the appropriate simulator that seems to them the most attractive and interesting.

Today, most entertainment-oriented online casinos include Live Casinos with roulette games equipped with the best machines of the genre and served by live dealers in their game collection. The entire gaming process is organized over the internet using webcams and headsets, which creates a more realistic atmosphere and is sort of analogous to playing Double. However, there are no demos available to play at Live Casino.


What is a Double?

This is called an exclusive roulette game developed specifically for the Blaze casino. This is a slot machine for gamblers, where you can bet for real money.

How to run a slot in demo mode?

To start playing on the site Blaze, you need to find the appropriate slot machine and select it. In the test version of the gambling simulator, it is impossible to bet.

Double has analogues?

Yes, that's right. This slot machine belongs to the category of "roulette", and similar it can be any other simulator of this type. However, so far there is no game, that completely repeats it. Thus, we can say that the considered slot has its unique features.