Double game: demo mode and play for money. How to break the jackpot

Before risking their real money at an online casino, players can familiarize themselves with various gambling games in a free demo mode. Although demos usually have limitations, they allow users to learn the basics of their chosen game. During the free game, players do not spend any real money but use virtual credits that are automatically credited to their accounts.

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Double Game has a demo mode, but it is not quite standard. To run a virtual gambling simulator in demo mode requires compliance with many restrictions that every gambler must know.

Plot of the Double and management

Double is a cult slot machine in the roulette genre of the next year, which is suitable for both experienced players and newcomers to the world of gambling. Thanks to its features and simplicity, this machine is aimed at a wide audience. Anyone who wants to try their luck and earn money will appreciate this virtual machine.

Double has no complicated plot. In the game, the player simply chooses one of the online tables and tries to guess what color the pointer will stop. The number on which the pointer stops does not matter. If the player guesses correctly, he gets a payout with odds, if not - the system counts a loss. The goal of the game is to guess as many section colors as possible and win a big prize. This chance is available to anyone who runs a slot machine Double.

Management of this slot is simple enough - to move around the simulator window, there are special buttons on the left side. To make a bet, you need to enter the amount on the keyboard or click on the appropriate controls. With a few clicks - and the bet is ready.

Rounds automatically replace each other, if the client does not have time to make a bet and confirm it before the end of the timer, the bet will be lost. However, it will be taken into account in the next round after confirmation.

Double has features that allow you to get winnings in gambling, even if you have no skills in gambling

The slot we are studying is becoming more and more popular among players all over the world. Its key features distinguish this virtual machine from other similar games.

  1. The game's interface is made in a clear style that is easy to master even without special knowledge. Because of this, the game will be able to start playing even those who previously had no experience with similar online simulators.
  2. Convenient management, which is carried out mainly through a special control panel located in a separate block on the screen.
  3. There is an option in the slot machine called "Auto Game", which allows the user to enable an automatic mode of play. In this mode, the user will not actively participate in the game but simply watch the winnings accumulate in the bank. A few mouse clicks are enough to set the desired betting parameters 🤑.
  4. Double is a slot machine that works equally well on various operating systems, including Android, iOS, and WindowsPhone, as well as on computers and laptops. With a stable internet connection and browser, you'll be able to run the slot without any problems. In addition, our mobile version is very easy to use.
  5. Ability to bet on several different shades.
  6. The bet can be increased up to 14 times, and the payout depends only on the result of the round and the initial bet of the customer and can be any.
  7. This slot machine, designed specifically ✨ for Blaze Casino, is already available to players on the web, although it is under development and has exclusivity.

Using Double guarantees bright emotions and impressions! This simulator will not let any gambler get bored 🍓. In addition, thanks to bonuses and promo codes from Blaze Casino, each bet will be even more profitable and exciting. Incredible adventures and colossal jackpots are already waiting for the winners!

What does a player need to remember about the demo version of Double?

Double does not have a classic demo mode and instead provides a stripped-down version that is only suitable for getting to know the game. This gambling simulator does not support full-fledged testing.

In the device under consideration, there are no demo accounts. However, the trial version of the slot machine allows the client to simply observe what is happening on the screen. In this version, the customer will be able to:

  • The lower part of the screen displays the current tour and statistics of bets on it, which can be viewed.
  • get acquainted with the management and interface;
  • unfold and minimize the playing field 🕹;
  • Need to read the information in the guide, as well as familiarize yourself with the rules of the virtual gambling simulator .

In a demo mode, Double customers are not given virtual currency for betting, which could help to work out the different tactics on the field, instead, they have to learn only in the paid version of the slot machine.

How to run a demo game Double

If a player is interested in the demo version of Double, it is easy to run it. To do this you need:

  1. It is necessary to open the official website of Blaze Casino to get access to the simulator, as it is not available on other entertainment portals.
  2. You can find the slot using the navigation menu on the left side of the window, or use the search bar.
  3. Click on the name of the slot.

After selecting the simulator, the game window will appear on the screen. You can watch what is happening and decide to activate the "Real Money" mode to start fast and exciting earnings in the slot.

How to run a paid mode Double

Only in "For real money" mode, users can make direct bets and master the functionality of this slot machine. To switch to this mode, you will need.

  1. To register at Blaze Casino, you can use email or log in through one of the available social networks on their website.
  2. To activate your profile, you need to follow a special link that the administration will send Blaze to your e-mail. If you have created an account through a social network, you can skip this step.
  3. Refill your account.
  4. Need to find in the list of available slot machines Double and make click on it 💥.

With the built-in navigation menu in the system, you can make bets. If a player has a large bankroll and he is willing to take risks, you can go to an automatic mode in the slot. Winnings are paid out instantly to the account with the corresponding coefficient if the round was successfully played.


Can I play for free in Double?

Sorry, but right now you cannot make bets in the slot machine demo mode, you can only watch the game. However, if you register at Blaze Casino, you will be able to bet for real money.

What payout ratios are available in the simulator?

If a player bets on the red or black field, in case of success he will get twice as much as his original bet. If he bet on the "white" field and won, his bet will increase by 14 times.

Is it realistic to download Double?

This slot machine does not require the installation of additional software, as it runs through the browser. But instead of downloading, the player can download the Blaze Casino app to his smartphone, tablet, or PC to quickly access the catalog of games.